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Newsweek redesign images including one of the new cover


The New New Newsweek

"When IBT Media purchased Newsweek last year, it inherited a beautiful site designed by Huge that was launched less than a year ago. Unfortunately it was made to publish stories only once a week for the magazine, which didn't fit the new editorial vision from our Editor-in-Chief Jim Impoco and Chief Content Officer Johnathan Davis: that Newsweek is a brand constantly creating high-quality, insightful content across platforms and media. So we quickly made a site to handle the fabulous work being done by our new writers and reporters around the clock. It wasn't perfect, but as you learn working in the digital world "perfect is the enemy of good." Now here is our new site—the one that meets the needs of editors and our users."

Image by Shunya Koide of library books


Moline Library Information Architecture

"We did a week’s worth of user research interviews with librarians and used our findings to create design personas. From there, we did an inventory of those users’ primary tasks and coded them in terms of importance. We then used those personas and task lists to make the content inventory and new proposed site map you’ll see below."

Image by AbsolutVision of newspapers


A Type System for News

"To make this as legible as possible but also serious as the news is, I used a white background with black and gray font colors, save for hyperlinks which would likely appear in blue and breaking news labels which often appear in red."

Wireframes for a to-do app


ReminderX - To Do App

"This document is our final work product for ReminderX. The first part of the project aimed to define target users and discern their needs through user research and interviews. The second compiled all of those learnings into a design brief which included the design tenets and persona below. This final document focuses on taking those learnings along with our initial high-level designs and creating finalized wireframes for ReminderX’s next release."

Takeaway Pizza Boxes


Usability Study - Papa John's

"Users ordering for delivery or pick-up often use the phone because they believe it is faster, especially for a highly-customized food like pizza. When they do order online, they often use aggregators like GrubHub or Seamless. To address this, we conducted a usability study to improve so that loyal customers have the best experience possible coming directly to the site."

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